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90% Success Rate in Removing Clients from the Child Abuse Central Index*

What happened to you isn't fair. You didn't deserve being investigated for committing child abuse or neglect, and you certainly don't deserve having your name placed on the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI). My sole purpose at Lounsbery Law Office, PC is to get you off the Child Abuse Central Index. I am your CACI lawyer. And it doesn’t matter what county your case is in—I take cases throughout California.

When you’re placed on the CACI index, you stay on it for life (assuming you don’t live past your 100th birthday). So unless you get your name off the CACI now, you will be branded as a child abuser until you leave this earth. Not only will you be stuck with that reputation and stigma, but your name will be passed on to your kids—you don’t want that stigma to put a blemish on your good name or theirs.

You need to fix this. A California CACI removal attorney at Lounsbery Law Office, PC can help you.

But first things first. Go to my CACI FAQ page for answers to all your questions.

You likely fall in 1 of the 5 following categories:

  • You were recently notified that your name was placed on the Child Abuse Central Index and you have not done anything yet to start the process. For instance, you have not yet sent a request to the agency asking for a hearing. You will want to learn more about the process. If you have not yet requested a grievance hearing, learn more about the process here.

  • You were notified your name was placed on the CACI and you already mailed a letter or form to the agency asking for a Grievance Hearing. So either you are waiting for the agency to notify you of your hearing date or you already have a hearing date. You will want to learn more about the hearing and how an experienced CACI lawyer will help you win your Grievance Hearing. If you already have a scheduled Grievance Hearing pending on a particular date, learn more about the hearing here.

  • You already had your Child Abuse Central Index Grievance Hearing and found out that you lost your hearing. I am terribly sorry about your loss. That must be terribly frustrating, especially if you had a lawyer represent you in the hearing. But keep your chin up. You still have options. You can appeal the decision by the agency to keep your name in the CACI by filing a Petition for Administrative Writ of Mandate in court. As your CACI lawyer, I can help you with your writ, as I serve all of California. You will want to learn more about the Writ of Mandate. If you recently lost your Grievance Hearing, learn more about how to appeal the agency’s ruling here.

  • You were notified your name is listed in the Child Abuse Central Index, and you even asked for a Grievance Hearing, but the agency notified you that they will not be granting you a hearing. There are various reasons why this could happen. You need to find out why you didn’t get a hearing and what you can do about it. If the agency denied you a Grievance Hearing, learn more about your options here.

  • You’re not quite sure whether or not you are even on the CACI. You’re really not sure one way or another. You need to learn how to find out whether your name is listed in the CACI or not. If you’re not sure whether you’re on the CACI, read the steps you must take to do a DOJ Self-Inquiry here.

No matter the situation you currently find yourself in, you know you need a lawyer to help you. But not just any lawyer. You need a lawyer whose entire practice is focused on getting people’s names off the CACI, and who has a track record of success. You’ll want to see the lawyer’s results from real CACI cases.

You’ll also want a lawyer whose previous clients are very happy with his work. You should consider it a huge red flag if a lawyer tells you he handles Child Abuse Central Index Grievance Hearings, but doesn’t have any former happy clients who have been willing to write a testimonial for him.

Finally, you want a lawyer who will be available to help you. Someone who is available by phone and email and who won’t abandon you.

Welcome to Lounsbery Law Office, PC, your California CACI removal lawyer. I represent clients statewide, in every county in California, and as far as I know, no other attorney matches that breadth and depth of experience in CACI cases.

Many of my clients are referred to me by other lawyers, foster family agencies, CPS social workers, and even county counsel.

Many of my clients hire me because they have a lot to lose by having their name in California’s Child Abuse Central Index. For instance, many of our clients are law enforcement (local and federal), sheriff’s, bailiffs, doctors, nurses, therapists in private practice, school therapists, school teachers, day care providers, preschool teachers, and military personnel who need security clearance.

Many others hire me not because being on the CACI will impact their career choice, but because of the harmful impact being on the CACI could have on their household. For example, some hire me because they want to adopt a child or become a foster parent, and they are unable to when they or their spouse are on the CACI.

Still others hire me because, even though they are experiencing no negative consequence from being on the CACI right now, they know in the future it could prevent them from doing something they care about greatly…such as volunteering in their kid’s classroom at school, teaching a Sunday School class to youth, coaching their kid’s baseball team, or caring for their grandchild in the unfortunate event their own child becomes ill, passes away, incarcerated, hospitalized or for any other reason is unable to care for his or her own child.

Of course, there is always one big reason why people hire me: they don’t belong on the CACI, and as a matter of principle, it is unjust that they’re tagged with this label of child abuser, and they will do everything in their power to defend their good name.

I invite you to call or email me to discuss your situation.

* This is the approximate percentage of the firm's clients whose names have been removed from the CACI. Success rate may fluctuate up or down over time, commonly between approximately 83 and 95 percent. The outcome of your case is not guaranteed. Every case is different. The results in any previous cases of mine do not serve as a guarantee or promise that you and I would or could obtain similar results.

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