Child Care Licensing Hearing

A Child Welfare Services agency or Child Protective Services agency believes you committed child abuse or neglect, and now you have a child care licensing hearing with the California Department of Social Services.

The child care licensing hearing should not be taken lightly. The result of your hearing could have a lasting impact on your future.

What Happens if You Lose Your Child Care Licensing Hearing

The result of the hearing will determine whether you can own or work at a child care center ever again. Not only that, but it will also determine whether anyone who lives with you can work at a child care center.

If you lose the child care licensing hearing, it could have a negative impact on your being able to become a foster parent or adoptive parent in the future. Even if right now you have no intention of fostering or adopting, how do you know whether the need may arise in the future?

If you lose the child care licensing hearing, it means you will be branded as a child abuser or neglectful of children for the rest of your life.

Child Care Licensing Hearings are Informal

The child care licensing hearings are somewhat informal. They do not take place in a courthouse. They are characterized as “administrative hearings,” which means they are not formal hearings conducted by a real judge in a real courtroom.

Some people mistakenly believe that this informality means they will be able to represent themselves in the child care licensing hearings without hiring a lawyer.

That’s a mistake. You don’t want to fall into that trap.

Child care licensing hearings follow special rules that, if you don’t know them, could really hurt your chances of winning.

Why Hire a Child Care Licensing Hearing Lawyer
Attorney Tate R. Lounsbery
Attorney Tate R. Lounsbery speaking at a conference on child abuse laws.

An experienced child care licensing hearing lawyer should be able to help you win your case.

You have many reasons to fight your case. Even just on principle alone. You don’t deserve the way you’re being treated. And you don’t belong on any list that prevents you from working with kids for the rest of your life.

You need to defend yourself against these false allegations of child abuse. You need to win your child care licensing hearing. You need to defend your good name and reputation.

I have many happy clients who, at one point, had gone through exactly what you’re going through now. Together, we fought our way through the nightmare and succeeded in restoring their good name.

I would like to help you too. Call or email, and let’s get started.

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