CACI Grievance Hearing Explained

In My Ebook “Win Your CACI Grievance Hearing”, You’ll Learn: Win Your CACI Grievance Hearing
  • The format of the CACI grievance hearing
  • How the County presents its case against you
  • How the rules of evidence (such as hearsay) impact your CACI grievance hearing
  • What evidence you should start gathering to present at your CACI grievance hearing
  • When to expect the outcome of the hearing to be decided, i.e., whether you won or lost

Includes many helpful insider tips, such as:

  • How to recognize when a social worker is biased or prejudiced
  • What to say in your closing argument
  • How to preserve your record for appeal
  • How to deal with hearsay that comes up in your hearing
  • How to behave while testifying

Jam-packed with useful information, this ebook is your launching off point to fighting your case and winning your CACI grievance hearing.

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