Does Motive Matter in Your CACI Grievance Hearing?

Hi, this is CACI lawyer Tate Lounsbery here, and I wanted to give you another quick tip.

This is about motive. You might have seen a lot of the crime shows, TV or the movies, that talk about motive a lot, and I’m not sure why they do that. Motive is important but did you know prosecutors in court do not have to prove motive?

Someone does not have to have a certain motive to commit a crime. The same is true for child abuse. The government, in your case CPS, in your Child Abuse Central Index grievance hearing, CPS does not have to prove that you had a motive to harm a child, nor do you have to prove motive or lack of motive.

Motive is something that can be relevant and can play an important role in a case, but it is not required. It doesn’t even have to come up from either party. When you’re evaluating your case, that’s something to keep in mind.

And that is your CACI quick tip.

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