Get These Types of Character Letters for Your Grievance Hearing

Hi, CACI lawyer Tate Lounsbery here with another quick tip for you.

Character letters can be important in your grievance hearing, your Child Abuse Central Index grievance hearing. The credibility of any complaining witnesses and your credibility will be important. They’re going to play a role in how the hearing officer decides your case, whether or not you are someone who is believable and reliable.

Character letters from friends of yours (or family members or acquaintances or neighbors or co-workers or whoever it might be) can be helpful.

Character letters can talk about your character, whether or not you’re an honest and trustworthy person. They could talk about your character when it comes to temper, whether you are patient or whether you’re a hothead. Of course, you wouldn’t want that.

Assuming that you are patient, that you are someone who is a peacemaker, for example, rather than someone who is going to be starting a fight, someone who is good with kids and patient with kids and tolerant of behavior that others might not be tolerant of. These things you’re going to want to start gathering, if you haven’t already—character letters.

You’re going to want these character letters to be declarations under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California.

Some counties even require that your character letters be notarized. In my experience, most counties don’t require that. In fact, I think there’s only one that I can think of that requires that. That’s something you might do as well.

This is a quick tip for your CACI case, and I hope you found it helpful.

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