How the Government Proves Severe Neglect?

Hi, CACI lawyer, Tate Lounsbery here and I wanted to give you another CACI quick tip for your Child Abuse Central Index grievance hearing.

This is with regard to severe neglect so if you’ve been accused of committing severe neglect against a child, then this will be relevant to you.

What’s important to note that there are two different types of neglect, there is general neglect and there’s severe neglect.

General neglect does not involve harm to the child, like physical harm to the child but severe neglect does. So if a CPS agency is accusing you of severely neglecting a child, they have to prove that the child was harmed in some way. You’re going to want to get proof of that or you’re going to want to rebut or undermine any proof of that.

And that is your CACI quick tip for today.

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