How to Behave in Your CACI Grievance Hearing?

Hi. CACI lawyer Tate Lounsbery here with another CACI quick tip. I’ve heard from various grievance hearing officers and various counties a concern that sometimes someone who is representing himself or herself in the hearing itself will express some anger or will get upset, maybe start yelling, maybe lash out.

I just wanted to give you some advice: don’t do that. Don’t get upset in a grievance hearing.

It’s a very bad idea, especially if the allegation against you is that you lashed out in anger against a child. To lose your temper and get hot-headed in a CACI grievance hearing only corroborates the allegation in that kind of scenario. You don’t want to do that. It’s a really bad idea.

Instead, remain calm, be rational, thoughtful, careful, attentive to what’s being said, and show that you are patient, reasonable, and someone who is calm under pressure, and someone who is credible and reliable.

That is your CACI quick tip for today.

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