Sacramento County Child Abuse Central Index Grievance Hearing

When someone is accused of committing child abuse within Sacramento County, a child abuse report is made to the county Human and Social Services agency, Child Protective Services division. The agency will investigate the child abuse allegations to determine whether or not child abuse actually occurred. If they feel child abuse did occur, they must determine what risks are posed to the child. Is the abuse likely to happen again? Can a parent or guardian take any action to reduce the risk of harm to the child? Does the county need to take the child away in order to keep the child safe?

After conducting the investigation, the social worker will forward her report of findings to a team of people who handle all the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) Grievance Hearings in Sacramento County. The CACI Coordinator is a county employee who reviews the facts of the case. While conducting her review of the case, she may conclude that the accused should not be sent to the CACI. In that instance, she will recommend to a manager or department head that the case not be sent to the Department of Justice child abuse and neglect central registry. If they decide to send the accused’s name to the CACI, an opportunity for a Grievance Hearing is given. There is one Grievance Hearing Officer in Sacramento County. He is an employee of the county and handles many types of hearings for the county, not just CACI hearings. The county employees involved in CACI hearings do a good job of making the process run smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

All Department of Justice Child Abuse Central Index Grievance Hearings in Sacramento County are held in one office, located at 3701 Branch Center Road, Sacramento, CA 95827. That office handles incidents of alleged child abuse that occur in the following cities, plus others: Antelope, Arden-Arcade, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Florin, Folsom, Foothill Farms, Galt, North Highlands, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Rosemont, Sacramento, and Vineyard.

On average, there are one or two CACI Grievance Hearings per month scheduled to take place in Sacramento County. Statistically, it appears that the vast majority of DOJ Child Abuse Central Index Grievance Hearings held in Sacramento County are based on allegations of physical child abuse, as opposed to sexual abuse, emotional abuse or neglect.

It is extremely difficult for someone not represented by a lawyer to win a Grievance Hearing in Sacramento County. In the first four months of the year 2012, every single Grievance Hearing held resulted in a substantiated finding. That means that not one person in those four months was able to convince the county to take their name off the list. (I did not represent any of those individuals.)

Given those statistics, you can see how important it is to maximize your opportunities to win your case. Without the representation and guidance of an experienced attorney by your side, your chances of obtaining your desired outcome are very slim.

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