San Joaquin County County Child Abuse Central Index Attorney

You need a San Joaquin County CACI attorney if the Human Services Agency, Children’s Services Division conducted an investigation and concluded that an allegation of child abuse or neglect is substantiated. The county agency would have then referred your name to the California Department of Justice for placement on the Child Abuse Central Index.

You need to get your name off the index. You will need a San Joaquin County CACI attorney to help you.

What You Need to Know About San Joaquin County CACI Hearings

In 2016, of the 254 people placed on the CACI in San Joaquin County, only 5 people who had CACI hearings were able to get their names removed from the Index.

Also, not a single person who represented himself in a CACI Grievance Hearing in San Joaquin County was able to convince the county to remove his name.

That’s why you need a San Joaquin County CACI attorney.

However, even the lawyers representing clients in CACI hearings in San Joaquin County in 2016 only won about 62% of the time. That’s not a great success rate. That’s basically a D—barely a passing grade.

So when you’re choosing which lawyer to hire, you’ll want to consider carefully whether you want someone local or someone with a great deal of experience and a tremendous success rate.

Perhaps one of the reasons why so many people lose in San Joaquin County is that about 65% of the people represent themselves in their CACI hearings.

This means that the hearing officer (i.e., judge) deciding these cases has not benefitted from learning the child abuse laws from a very experienced CACI lawyer. Keep in mind that the hearing officer is not a lawyer and not a real judge. The hearing officer deciding your case is just a county employee or contractor—usually someone who was a social worker him- or herself. There is no reason to assume your hearing officer knows the law very well. Therefore, it will be very important for your CACI lawyer to instruct the hearing officer on what the law is in your particular case. Suffice it to say, not every San Joaquin County CACI attorney is the right person for your case. Choose wisely.

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