The Dual Roles of Client and Attorney

Hi. CACI lawyer Tate Lounsbery here with another quick tip for your Child Abuse Central Index grievance hearing.

I wanted to discuss the dual roles of both client and attorney. It’s important for you to have a lawyer represent you in your case for just a lot of different reasons. One of them is that dual role.

A client has the opportunity to present a role where you present the facts, you testify, you give the emotion, the emotional background of the case.

Your lawyer does none of that. Your lawyer’s job is instead to be neutral, to be an objective party who is reasonable and rational and can present a good and persuasive, strong argument.

Your case, your role is to present the facts and the emotion and the evidence. Your lawyer’s role is to present the argument and the logic. The reason behind why your name should not be listed on the Child Abuse Central Index.

It’s important to have those dual roles and when you have an opportunity to have an attorney to represent you, it’s important to take advantage of those two dual roles.

That is your CACI quick tip for today.

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