What to Say in Your CACI Hearing Closing Argument?

Hi. CACI lawyer Tate Lounsbery here with another CACI quick tip for your Child Abuse Central Index grievance hearing.

I wanted to talk about closing arguments. When you’re in your grievance hearing, you present the evidence, witnesses may testify. The county presents their evidence, witnesses may testify. At the end of the case, at the end of the hearing, you have the opportunity to present a closing argument.

What a closing argument is that it is the closing, which means the last, the final, the big strong hurrah and it is an argument. An argument is not just simply rehashing the facts, just going over again what was already said. That’s not what an argument is.

It’s important in your argument that you present conclusions, the inferences. What do the facts mean? What does the evidence mean? What inferences can we draw from the facts? What do you want to say about the evidence that’s been presented? Is there any bias that’s been demonstrated there? You want to read between the lines. And specifically you want to apply the facts to the law, especially when it comes to burden of proof. Has the county met the burden of proof?

It’s not enough to just say again, just to repeat what you’ve already said. You want to argue that the facts line up in your favor when you consider these different legal issues, whatever legal issues are going to be relevant in your case.

That is your CACI quick tip.

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