What You Must Know Before Your Child Abuse Central Index Grievance Hearing

Hi, CACI lawyer Tate Lounsbery here and I wanted to talk to you about the CACI grievance hearing, the child abuse central index grievance hearing. There are some things that you absolutely need to understand before your hearing.

Number one, the hearing itself is not the most important thing about your case, believe it or not. Stop worrying about the hearing itself for now because what is most important: hearing preparation. The most important thing that you will do in your case is prepare for the hearing more specifically is to develop your case strategy. The right case strategy will win the case every single time. It is way more important than fretting over your hearing itself. It's even more important than who represents you at the hearing. It's more important than everything else.

And your case strategy really involves two different parts. It'll be your legal strategy. What laws are applicable to your case? What legal issues? So there's legal strategy, and then the other part is your evidentiary strategy. I mean in your evidence, how are you going to use the evidence? What evidence are you going to use? Witnesses? Do you need any witnesses? So your evidentiary strategy of course has to support your legal strategy, and you put those two together and that is your case strategy.

Getting the right strategy will win your case almost regardless of what happens at the hearing. Maybe regardless is the wrong word. When you have the right strategy, your hearing will fall into place just fine. That's the better way of putting it.

Your hearing will go wrong and very badly if you don't have the right strategy in place beforehand. Once you have the right strategy, you're going to be fine at the hearing, whether it's you representing yourself or me or somebody else, you're going to be fine. We have these guides and templates that will help people, these products, that help people represent themselves at these hearings and win. And the reason why that can happen, why we can help people win, representing themselves, is because we help them lay out the right strategy beforehand.

Now, for any case that you have, any CACI case, most of the time you're going to focus on just either one issue, maybe two, or at most three issues. So here's why strategy is so important is because your strategy is going to focus on those really big, really important issues in your case, one, maybe two, at most three different issues in your case.

There will be more issues, but those are going to be collateral, secondary issues, worry about them, I mean, plan for them and plan on how to work them into your case, but they're really not of huge importance.

Every single hearing that has ever been held or will ever be held will go imperfectly. Something wrong will happen. Every hearing, every single trial that has ever existed, whether a CACI hearing or a criminal trial or a civil trial and any type of situation, something is going to go wrong. It will. You should count on something at the hearing going wrong.

And that's actually true in every single industry. I mean, think about it in sports, professionals, the medical field, the construction industry, and any project where there's humans involved, any endeavor, something is going to go wrong. It's going to go against you. You should count on that happening. So when you prepare for the hearing the right way, focus on that one issue, maybe the two issues that are that are going to decide the case. Don't let those go badly. Those have to go right. Everything else, if something goes wrong, big deal. It's not going to win or lose your case.

So strategy is the most important thing. And a lot of people will tell me that they're concerned about ... they're looking for the right lawyer to represent them. When you hire this firm, you hire a team, a team of lawyers who will be working on your case. Stop thinking about who's going to be at your hearing. You're not hiring this firm because you want me at your hearing. You are hiring this firm because you want to get off the CACI. That is your goal. Get off the CACI. At this firm, we have the knowledge, we have the formula and the team put in place that is best able to get you off the child abuse central index.

And of supreme importance is strategy prepping and for the hearing, not the hearing itself. So I hope that helps clear up how you're going to prioritize your time and what you're going to be concerned about. Be concerned about strategy, not about which lawyer you're going to have at the hearing, because once you have the right strategy, just again to reiterate, it doesn't matter for the most part who you have at the hearing. You could be representing yourself at the hearing. You get the strategy right, you're going to be good. I hope that helps and I hope you consider it.

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