Why You Need to Prepare a Statement of Facts?

Hi, CACI lawyer Tate Lounsbery here and here’s a quick tip for your Child Abuse Central Index grievance hearing case.

When the social worker who is investigating your case was finished with an interview or they finished talking to somebody, or making a visit, then that person would have gone to the office and written up some notes about what happened and a summary of the conversation maybe with some details, maybe some quotes. And that’s important because it lends some credibility to the summary or to the notes because they are written at the time or near the time of the conversation.

In order for you to level the playing field, you should do the same thing. You should be writing notes about what happened. You should write a statement of facts and a log about everything that you’re going through, any conversations you had, what was said, when did the conversations take place.

You should have been doing that already and if you haven’t, you need to start now. As time goes on, your memory will start fading and so it’s important that you do it now and you’ll be able to use that going forward.

You might also write notes about when you’re writing the notes, so today is such and such a date and here’s a summary of what happened on such and such a date.

You might do that on a computer so that you can go back and edit if you need too. If you remember something you can go ahead and add that.

And that is your CACI quick tip.

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