Yolo County Child Abuse Central Index Grievance Hearing

Three Statistics You Have to Know Before Hiring a Lawyer for Yolo County Child Abuse Central Index Grievance Hearing

If you have a Yolo County Child Abuse Central Index Grievance Hearing coming up, there 3 very important statistics you will want to know. Keep reading to be blown away.

Every year, I obtain a variety of statistics related to CACI Grievance Hearings from various California counties. The information below is based on the information provided to me by Yolo County for the year 2016.

The First Statistic You Need to Know

Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency had the second-highest number of CACI grievance hearings as a percentage of the population. (This is of the 26 counties that offered this information.)

This means that Yolo HHSA is quite aggressive in putting people on the CACI. More aggressive than other counties. This suggests that if you plan on fighting your CACI case, you better make a serious effort of it. You better do it right, because the Yolo HHSA is not playing games.

The Second Statistic

A small percentage of the CACI Grievance Hearings that Yolo County HHSA conducted involved someone represented by a lawyer. I presume (I don’t know this is true, but I’m quite confident it is) that those were local lawyers, i.e., lawyers from northern California, probably the San Francisco or Sacramento areas.

Only ONE of those lawyers won a CACI Grievance Hearing in Yolo County.

Just one.

All the other lawyers lost.

What does that tell you? If you’re thinking about hiring a local lawyer to represent you in a Yolo County CACI Grievance Hearing, you might reconsider.

The Third Statistic

Of the people who represented themselves in CACI Grievance Hearings in Yolo County, only 2 people won their hearing and had their names removed from the CACI.

This tells us two things. First, your chances of winning are not good at all if you represent yourself. Second, your chances of winning are actually better if you represent yourself than if you hire a local lawyer.

What Should You Do Now?

Now that you know the statistics, you have a choice to make. You can either give up, decide that the odds against you are too great, and accept your fate of being on the Child Abuse Central Index for the rest of your life, and be just another victim of the child welfare services agency. Or, you can dig in your heels, roll up your sleeves, and fight for justice, to clear your good name.

You either go all in and do it all way, or don’t do it at all.

I recommend you stand up for yourself.

If you really believe you don’t belong on the Child Abuse Central Index, then you owe it to yourself to do something about it.

I’d like to help you in your efforts.

I cannot guarantee we will win.

But I can tell you that we’ll give it our all.

I’ve helped many clients in the past, and I’d like to help you.

I invite you to learn more about me so you can decide whether I’m the right lawyer for you.

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